Are the parties you host in The Sims 4 just not fancy enough? Well cry no more.

An upcoming stuff pack will add some luxury items to your inventory. You’ll get new dresses, suits and accessories to kit out your Sims and make sure they’re looking fabulous. But getting all doll’d up is only half the battle. What’s the point without an environment to match your new fancy pants. Well, cry no more, again.

The pack also comes with new items like ultra cool bars, sculptures and lighting arrays, but that’s not all. You can get your hands on a couple of new gameplay objects: a banquet table to put nibbles on and a food/drink fountain, which you can put right there on top of your new banquet table. Oh boy, your parties will be the talk of the town, or rather, neighbourhood.

The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff is coming out on the 19th May.

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