EA developer, Ghost Games’ general manager Marcus Nilsson, still believes that the Need for Speed franchise still has a ton of commercial potential, despite selling more copies ten years ago than it does now.

“Need for Speed, ten years ago, sold a lot more copies than it sells now,” Nilsson said. “Which means we have a lot of room to move up. We have a global, known brand; it’s strong. But I think we have a lot of upside for this franchise based upon getting our details and information and features in order.”

Nilsson’s response on the matter came following a question about him being worried about working on a weathered franchise, one that’s been around for so long (perhaps too long). “Not really,” he said. “If I’m perfectly honest with you. I don’t feel pressure by it. I feel humbled to be associated with it.”

The upcoming open-world Need for Speed reboot is inspired by the Underground series and will launch this fall for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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