Ninja Theory, the game company that brought us Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyessey to the West, and the much debated about DmC: Devil May Cry has released another developer diary for their newest game, Hellblade.

The studio has been keeping up updated with the process of the game, by publishing a series of behind-the-scenes videos detailing what they’re up to.


This latest entry, entry number 11, shows how they are creating the playable parts of the game, and showing how they test what they’ve made. These little Dev Diaries are great at showing what the team is working on, and add to excitement over the game.

They also use these videos as a chance to reveal that they will be showing a more advanced gameplay demo on June 10th.

Ninja Theory says it is not connected completely to Heavenly Sword, as some might have thought being it as of right now, a PS4 exclusive. Some development is in work for PC.

“It’s a brand new IP. Senua is a new character,” said Dominic Matthews, the product development manager. “It’s not something where we’ve gone, yeah, let’s make people think it is this. We really like Heavenly Sword. We loved making that game. So it’s actually more just we like making female protagonists that look in a certain style. And we like swords. And we like hell. It’s more than that.”

While they aren’t making a true successor, it is a spiritual successor in a sense as it will have “ninja-class meelee gameplay, strong character stories, and a unique art vision.”

I quite enjoyed Heavenly Sword, so any news for this new game by the game company sits well with me. I’m also happy that they enjoy making female protagonists as that is something that gaming world, in my eyes, needs more of.


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