The 4th annual 8-Bit Salute has began taking in donations over 2 days to achieve their goal of sending videogames to troops. The way in which donations are collected are through a variety of Twitch streams playing any game and collecting for a goal of up to $200. Alternatively you can donate directly here. The rewards for collecting donations, apart from the warm huggy feeling, are various prizes depending on how much you collected from $50 to $5,000.

“Raise or donate the following amounts, we send you the gift next to it.
$50 – 3-Month XSplit License (stream on!)
$200 – Official 2015 8-Bit Salute tee shirt
$1000 – 1-month HeroCrate (a box of EPIC stuff!)
$2,500 – 3-months HeroCrate
$5,000 – Custom OSD GAEMS Vanguard Case (the BEST portable entertinament rig!)

The website for Operation Supply Drop talk of how they have helped over 7,000 US and NATO troops through these programs and have set a personal goal this year for $1,337,000 and has, at the time this was written, achieved 15% of their goal with $194,616.
The marathon opened its doors at 12.00 CST May 16th and will close its doors today at 12.00 CST.

“We thank you, and the troops thank you for your support! See you on online!”


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