Just a few hours ago, Bungie released the patch notes for updates 1.2.0 and for their sci-fi shooter Destiny. Update 1.2.0 prepares the game for the upcoming expansion, the House of Wolves, while update is a hot fix patch set to release alongside the expansion.

A post on the Bungie site describes the details of update 1.2.0, which was released earlier today. The patch provides numerous fixes and changes for weapons, PvP, audio, user interface, the companion app, and a few technical issues in Destiny. Also included in the post are patch notes for update, a hot fix for the House of Wolves set to release the same day as the expansion. This patch includes more changes to the PvP, Iron Banner, the Tower, user interface, and some more resolved technical issues.

You can read the full details of both update 1.2.0 and update here. Be sure to download the House of Wolves on Tuesday, May 19th!




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