This week Polish studio Jujubee released a cinematic trailer for its new game KURSK which has sent Russian gamers reeling at the site. The game is based around one of Russia’s worst naval accidents when on August 12, 2000 the Russian nuclear sub Kursk sank in the Barents Sea with all crew aboard. The tragedy resulted in the death of 118 sailors despite many rescue attempts.

The cinematic trailer that Jujubee released depicts the rather graphic death of two of the sailors on board the ship and it is easy to see from the images why it could anger the gaming community in Russia.

The comment section of this video is boiling with viewers relating it to making a game about 9/11 or the Katyn Massacre. Overall it is clear that the reaction to this game is extremely negative.

While KURSK is still far from release it has been described as a “First-Person Adventure and Survival Game” by Jujubee in which the player attempts to escape the sinking submarine. There is no current release date on KURSK but Jujubee has said it will be released on all major platforms.

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