It was a simpler time, the early 90’s. Children were watching Power Rangers, adults babbled about Bush and Clinton, and video game players were content to race virtual Micro Machines in pixelated bathtubs. Oh, the hours that people who are now exiting college spent sliding around in the dirt with top down racing games. The memories. The joy.

Actually those games were never really very good. They were jittery, and hard to control. But there is a lot of nostalgia for them among a certain crowd, that’s my point.

The good folks at Kempt have picked up on this and will be releasing Stunt Wheels May 28th. Stunt Wheels’ aim is to recapture the good parts of top down racers: cool locales, frantic speed, drifting around turns, flipping over jumps, and blowing up your opponents with a myriad of weapons.

Stunt Wheels boasts more cars than you can shake an explosive squirrel bomb at, and gives ridiculous tracks like racing through a beached pirate ship. Battle to take down your racer rivals; Stunt Guy, Stunt Gail, Mucus, Nurse Long, and my personal favorite, Danger-Susan. Do it right in the always pulverizing Monsta Mode, the tommy-gun clad Mob Mode, and with a mysterious weapon simply called the purple-hot Laser Wang.

Stunt Wheels will be debuting a brand new piece of tech, also. If you grab the Mac version of the game, you and your friends will be able to use your iOS devices as controllers for multiplayer action. This is something completely new on the app store, and the kind of idea that makes you say “Why didn’t someone think of this already?”.

The number of games that are available on mobile as well as PC and console are growing at a frightening clip. The implications of this kind of innovation and what it could do for cross platform games is fascinating to think about.

This is the kind of dumb fun that is the best when enjoyed with friends. Who doesn’t want to blast their buddy with a purple-hot Laser Wang? Grab Stunt Wheels May 28 on the Apple App Store.



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