Every season of League of Legends has certain players that shine brightly than others. This year is no exception. With the roster changes such as Rekkles going back to Fnatic and Link leaving CLG, there are a few people whom we should be keeping our eye on this Summer Split 2015.

Notably is Easyhoon, who replaced Faker suring SKT’s match against Edward Gaming this past Mid-Season Invitational. Easyhoon is an excellent midlaner, and is an excellent sub to Faker. Poebelter, who was on WinterFox, is now playing with CLG as their midlaner. Poebelter has jukes for days and is very entertaining to watch.

FORG1VEN has always been a strong player for the EUW scene, and continues to be for this season. Dexter is on Elements this season. We’ll be watching you!

The most exciting player to watch this year will probably be the new midlaner, Incarnati0n, who joined Cloud 9 after Hai’s surprise departure. This was the original ruling on the player:

“Nicolaj Jensen has established a consistent record of in-game harassment, abuse, and poor behavior. Worse, however, are the violations in Jensen’’s gameplay history. On multiple occasions, he has publicly and unapologetically admitted to engaging in a series of DDoS attacks against high-Elo players.

As a result…the player behavior team has issued a lifetime ban on Jensen… All future accounts will be permabanned on sight.”

These are pretty intense words for someone who’s about to be front and center on the North American LCS stage. There is no doubt that he plays well, but eyes will be locked on this one to see how he fairs in the professional scene.

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