Just 11 days later since the Compendiums release, generous (or passionate) fans have put in more than $7.5 million USD: half of what Valve’s projected maximum prize pool is expected to reach. Thanks to the many thousands of individuals who had bought the Compendiums and Compendium points; we had hit various stretch goals that provide gifts to Compendium owners. As of writing, the amount is exactly $7,553,419 USD.

The stretch goals that have been hit so far include: Compendium coins that are used to purchase cosmetic weapon/armor skins and cosmetic sets for heroes. A special TI5 cursor skin to change up from the default cursor skin. A vote towards the winners of the All-Stars match at The International 5 where you can get a chance to receive a gift for predicting right. A treasure box containing the first set of cosmetics made specifically for The International. The option to vote for the next specially made Arcana skin (which is an extremely rare skin to find and has custom special effects in game) for any hero. A customized golden effigy you can set as a statue inside the base. A couple of loading screens with design art for heroes. Some new emoticons available for the first time for this TI. A golden TI5 HUD screen for in game. A treasure box containing some taunts for your heroes to flaunt. The Watcher which are a set of ward skins. Finally the latest is the next set of cosmetic armor and weapons for everyone who owns the Compendium.

There is a lot more stuff available in the stretch goals than above; for a look of what’s to come, check out this site.

The treasure boxes with the new sets of gear are all “Immortal” quality and have a special added cosmetic effect for certain abilities; again as shown from the site above. I had managed to obtain Huskar’s Searing Dominator and boy does he look glorious spin dashing in on the poor saps!

The second set of treasure boxes will be given to all owners soon sometime this week when Valve rolls out the update. Furthermore, the update will provide several new additions to the event including: new challenges, the Item Recycling system, and new ways to earn Compendium Points. All of which are much needed as the current method for obtaining Compendium Points is extremely bottle necked with time being the limiting factor.

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