Polybius has been a gaming urban legend for awhile now, the story of a game that was a cover for a psychological experiment. Now, a documentary titled The Polybius Conspiracy is looking to investigate the myth, and uncover some answers about the legendary game.

The Polybius Conspiracy aims to answer some of the questions behind the gaming urban legend, such as the purpose of the game, and whether or not it even existed. The team behind the project has started a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project. The team has already been working on the project for a year, and are now aiming to raise $100,000 in order to complete the documentary. The team has already conducted a number of interviews, and are now seeking the funds to finish what they started.

Polybius is an arcade cabinet that supposedly appeared in arcades around Portland, Oregon in the early 1980s. People claim that the game had a number of side effects on those who played it, ranging from anxiety and depression to night terrors and suicide. There is a belief that the game was a product of the CIA’s MK-Ultra program, an experiment in mind control targeting youth. While there are many reports of the arcade game, there has never been any real proof that Polybius actually existed.

You can check out The Polybius Conspiracy’s Kickstarter here. The goal is $100,000, and has raised over $13,000 at time of this article.

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