If you enjoyed having friendships ruined over the simple act of racing karts on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 64 then I have great news for you! The concept, look, and feel have all been remade on a new map for Mario 64 by a developer by the name of MarioHacker14. The map features the well known rainbow roads and the look of the Mario Kart map while also being a very well functioning Mario 64 map that seems just a challenging as its original.

The Rainbow Road level is one of 27 levels that MarioHacker14 is creating for his Mario 64 hack Super Mario and the Missing Memories. It’s going to have 15 main levels and 12 bonus/side levels and four of the levels are already completely done! The plot for the hack is  “Mario was on his way to Princess’s Castle, when suddenly feels like his memories were gradually lost, until a time when he could not remember any world except the Peach’s castle and its grounds. Mario could not understand what was happening, and when Mario arrives at the castle, it was closed, and mario worried. Here our adventure begins…”

This hack is amazingly well made and the creator has even put things in the correct number of polygons so it can actually be played on an N64 if you so choose to do so! If you would like to follow the progress of this amazing hack and maybe contribute to the idea you can go here!

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