In Batman Arkham Knight, Batman will face a new type of enemy – The Riddler’s Robot Army.

Whereas in previous Arkham games The Riddler was more concerned with making Batman solve his brain-teasers, the slightly mad antagonist has finally come to the conclusion that to destroy Batman, he’ll have to do more than just outwit him, and that’s where the Robot Army comes in.

Shown in the latest trailer – All Who Follows You – Rocksteady has confirmed that “Riddler has developed this Robot Army as to beat Batman he’s going to need more than just brains; he needs to match him with brawl as well”. In the trailer we see Catwoman ripping a head off of one of the Robots, meaning that players will get to fight this new type of enemy since Batman is no longer the only controllable character in Gotham.

Do you think The Riddler will be any match for Batman when it comes to a fist fight, or should he stick to his mischievous trickery? After all, the pencil is mightier than the sword.


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