Retro gamers rejoice! The new crowdfunded Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega is ready to go into production.

The first run will be of 1,000 units for those that funded the project, then a run of 3,000, the plan after that is to move onto 10,000 units or more depending on demand.

Retro Computers, the company behind the reboot, expect the current retail price of £100 to fall as the units manufactured increases.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega plugs straight into your TV, comes with around 1,000 built-in games – which will load instantly, and there’s extra memory available to add even more games. You read that correctly, the games will load instantly.

You can place an order on the Retro Computers website, though when you can expect to get it in your hands isn’t yet concrete.

If you’re wondering why a ZX Spectrum game loading instantly is such a big deal, continue reading.

A long time ago there were these things called cassette tapes, and there was this thing called patience. You needed both to play a game on your ZX Spectrum.

If you’ve got absolutely nothing better to do, why not spend the next five minutes or so watching a game called Lightforce load up.

Warning: If you still want your ears to work after – make sure the volume isn’t too high.

If you’ve really got nothing to do, you can watch the game Robocop from loading to completion in under half an hour.

Spoiler: Around 33% of that time is spent loading.

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