It appears as though Batman: Arkham Knight will launch with up to 8 different Special and pre-order bonus Editions. In a world of retailer-exclusive DLC, pre-order missions and items, and console-exclusive content, it looks like gamers will have a hard time at trying to play everything that comes with the game – it may even be impossible.

In a post on Reddit, a user pointed out that retailers and publishers alike had separately created their own combination of Special Editions and pre-order exclusives for Batman: Arkham Knight. This means that if you buy from one retailer, you’re locked out of getting content exclusive to another.

This practice is one that’s unfortunately common in the gaming industry, but more so in recent years (Watch Dogs, anyone?). It’s understandable that retailers and publishers would want to compete against the competition to set themselves apart, but all this practice does is alienate the gamers who want to pick up Batman: Arkham Knight.

Here’s a full list of what each edition entails, as well as the screenshot of the editions below:

All Locations/All Preorders

  • Harley Quinn Story Pack
    • Access to Harley Quinn story missions. Play as Harley Quinn in these missions.

GameStop Exclusive

  • Red Hood Story Pack
    • Access to Red Hood story missions. Play as Red Hood in these missions.

Best Buy Exclusive

  • WayneTech Booster Pack
    • Explosive Gel Takedown: Set traps to knock out enemies remotely
    • Aerial Juggle: Strike an enemy in mid-air for massive damage.
    • Weapon Upgrade: Increase the devastating firepower of the Batmobile.
    • Batarangs While Gliding: Launch multiple batarangs while in mid-air.

Walmart Exclusive

  • 4 exclusive challenge maps to play as Harlee Quinn.
  • Unique Batmobile that includes exclusive gameplay features.

Steam Exclusive

  • Gotham’s Future Skin Pack
    • Dark Knight Returns costume.
    • Batman Beyond costume.

Limited Edition

  • Steel book
  • Artbook
  • Comic Book
  • Skin Pack
    • Three skins from DC Comics New 52 series.
  • Limited Edition Batman Statue

Batmobile Edition

  • Steel book
  • Artbook
  • Comic Book
  • Skin Pack
    • Three skins from DC Comics New 52 series.
  • Limited Edition Batmobile statue

PS4 Exclusive DLC

  • Scarecrow Nightmare DLC Pack

Batman Arkham Knight pre orders list

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