Through the Woods

Through the Woods.

That is pretty foreboding, I think you’ll agree. Where’s the elaboration – what game is this about? What is this game about? Is this even a game?!

Well yes, it is a game. I’m just trying to prepare you. Through the Woods is an upcoming survival horror experience from Norwegian indie studio, Antagonist.

Set on the coast of Norway, you play as Karen, a mother (I wonder how she will compare to other virtual birth givers), being interrogated about the disappearance of her son. Boasting dynamic narration player actions can influence the interrogation conversation.

Armed only with a flash light, the gameplay centres around searching for said off-spring where you will encounter horrific mythical creatures hidden within the woods and explore decrepit cabins and pitch-black caverns and other scary woods-appropriate locations.

Though your flash light helps you find your way, it also helps your enemies find you. This is where you will have to rely on listening to your surroundings. With the flash light switched off, the game volume is boosted while it becomes easier to distinguish the direction of noise.

Through the Woods is coming to PC, Mac and Linux early next year.

To better understand what you may be in for, check out this brand spanking new trailer:

Are you scared yet?

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