More news has been released from EA’s investor call last night. EA said that Titanfall will not release until at least April 2016 but it could be much later. EA told investors that the sequel to Titanfall would launch in Fiscal Year 2017, which ranges from April 2016- Match 2017. That leaves a huge release window for developer Respawn and EA.

“In terms of Titanfall, you should assume that that’s not in fiscal 2016. It’s more likely in fiscal 2017,” said EVP Blake Jorgensen. “And a title of that size, we want to be pretty clear as to when it’s falling in the title slate, and so your assumption should be 2017.”

Titanfall 2 was originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive but has since been announced on PlayStation 4 as well. While we do not know any more details at this time, stay tuned to Gamespresso for all the latest new for Titanfall 2.

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