Kalypso announced the latest major DLC for Tropico 5 ‘Espionage’ available globally on May 28th – which entails, you guessed it, the world of Tropico facing up against global agents, and the only person who can stop it is you… El Presidente. I hope you’re ready to enter the spy game.

This DLC features a whole new campaign, ‘The Maltese Toucan’, where you’ll be trying to protect Tropic’s precious treasures safe from enemy spies. Through installing Security checkpoints and taking out these foreign agents, training your own legion of super spies to steal your own intel on their technology, there’s plenty to do to stop the nefarious plans of your enemies. Espionage also allows you to stop attacks before they happen by building the Ministry Of Information (not quite as catchy as the other ministry, but I guess it will suffice) and monitoring your citizens; just another day in paradise! There’s new toys too, a Police Blimp and Mechanized Garrison for you to get to grips with.

It’s not a short DLC, spanning across a total of six missions, how will you fair in the game of smokes and mirrors, lies and sabotage?

(Like James Bond or Hitman, only slightly less impressive.)

Also included in the DLC:

  • 9 new themed buildings
  • 4 new island maps
  • Music and costumes
  • Sandbox tasks and events to go with the ‘espionage’ setting

The ‘Espionage’ expansion for Tropico 5 will be available on May 28th on Steam for $19.99, with Xbox and PS4 versions coming out at a later date.

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