With the PS4 port release of Ultra Street Fighter IV, it’s sure to win even more fans over with it’s definitive content and polished gameplay that is suited for competitive play right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as numerous reports have been made from people who purchased the game upon release. Some of the most egregious involve characters having stilted skills and reducing range and such.

Apart from these character-breaking glitches and bugs, there are several insanely visual glitches, this one being the most notorious:

As well as several other glitches including sound and interface lag. This version of Ultra Street Fighter IV came out on the 26th of May, and it’s already being laid bare and exposed for all to see just how badly ported this was. A patch is definitely needed and will more than likely come very soon. It’s also worth noting that EVO 2015, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, will be running the PS4’s version of Ultra Street Fighter IV exclusively. This serves to make the patching job become a priority as EVO’s July date looms closer.

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