As mentioned in the compendium break down yesterday, people can cash in Compendium Coins in order to obtain a set of cosmetics. In the last few days there have been reports of people cashing these coins in and getting in return one or two loading screens. People took to the subreddit to voice their disapproval of spending the 1000 Compendium Coins that were difficult to obtain to begin with in the hopes of obtaining a new set for their hero and instead being given bundles for old loading screens.

As of this moment, the screen bundles for the Artgerm Loading Screen Bundle and the Legacy of the Year Beast bundle have been taken out of the 1000 coin set rotation. It was also clarified by an employee of Valve; DanielJ, that people who had already obtained these bundles will be given an additional 1000 coins to compensate.

It’s nice to hear Valve listening in on the complaints and actively trying to do something to change it especially in light of the paid modded fiasco weeks ago. Alongside making more ways of obtaining coins and levels, Valve is trying to step up in order to appease the restless souls.

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