Destiny‘s latest update for the House of Wolves introduced a new Ghost hidden in Earth’s Cosmodrome, as well as new enemies from the Fallen House of Wolves hiding in the opening segment of the game.

New House of Wolves enemies populate the Cosmodrome

Destiny players navigate the inside of the Cosmodrome’s wall at the beginning of the game, but returning in Patrol mode always proved unfruitful, with no enemies naturally populating the area. Until now.

Following Bungie’s most recent House of Wolves update means that players travelling to The Divide, and then through into the giant wall, leads players to a maze of explosive tripwires and mines, as well as corridors filled with new Fallen enemies bearing the blue colors of the House of Wolves.

The enemies themselves are low level, so it appears as though they either pose as obstacles for getting to the dead Ghost, or perhaps may play a part in an introductory story mission for the upcoming House of Wolves expansion.

Where to find Destiny‘s newest hidden Ghost

The dead Ghost itself is located at the very beginning of the game. As you note in the video above, you must navigate the inner section of the wall until you find yourself outside the wall and on the highway from the opening segment of the game (where Ghost first revives you).

Turn around and face the doorway, jump on the railing on your left, and then double jump onto the sign above the door. Edge around the right side corner and double jump over the gap to the overhang above the tunnel entrance, right below the windows. Walk along the overhang to the other end, and the dead Ghost is inside one of the broken windows.

Destiny‘s House of Wolves update also brought with it the Queen’s Emissary Bounties, in preparation for the new expansion, which releases on Tuesday. Check out our guide on completing the Queen’s Emissary Bounties here.

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