The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is due to be released later this month after several delays and Witcher fans are eager to see what the new game brings to the series.

Retailers, as always, have different promotions on for the game to encourage more game pre-orders. Green Man Gaming for PC players is no exception. However, their offer is the best at a 35% discount for both US and UK buyers.

Earlier today a representative from the developers, CD Projekt Red, told GameSpot that the codes Green Man Gaming are selling are coming from an “unknown source”. None of the revenue from the sale of those codes are apparently going to CD Projekt Red.

Business development manager Rafal Jaki told fans in the official forms that they should not buy The Witcher 3 from Green Man Gaming as they do not know the origin of the keys.

Later today Green Man Gaming provided a statement  about the issue informing them that they had tried to work it out with CD Projekt Red; according to them the developer chose to focus on instead of providing more retail options for players.

We at GMG sincerely believe in getting games to gamers, and offering them a range of buying options to suit their preferences is critically important to this industry; we often go above corporate profits and commercial gain to make this happen. We, like millions of customers, are huge fans of The Witcher series, and have been eager for the launch of this amazing title.

It was explained that Green Man Gaming chose to acquire digital copies from approved third parties and retailers so that they could sell the game.

The sources of the codes have not yet been revealed and perhaps more talks with CD Projekt Red could confirm the legitimacy of the codes; also the revenue issue needs to be greatly cleared up as it currently looks like Green Man Gaming is taking it all which does not help their claims that the codes are legitimate. For now however the developers have asked fans to not buy from this seller until this issue is cleared up.

The Witcher 3 is due for release on May 19th though due to the release time some American time zones will be able to access the game from the 18th.

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