With the TI5 qualifiers ending this past Sunday, the last two regional brackets have successfully made it without too much issue and the winners for each as well as their respective runner up have been found.






For the South East Asian regional qualifiers; the victor is MVP HOT6ix who beat out their brother team MVP Phoenix. Both being a part of the MVP name, but fighting furiously to get into the TI5. The two teams fought in the winner’s round with HOT6ix winning 2-1. In the loser’s round Phoenix had cleaned house against Rave with a 2-0. When the two MVP teams met once more, HOT6ix was able to push Phoenix to the ropes with a quick first round and a decisive second. Phoenix came back in the third round but eventually couldn’t keep up with them and lost the 4th round, 3-1. Now, MVP Phoenix will be participating in the wildcard match in order to obtain one of the two elusive slots into the TI5.

On the European regional qualifier side; the victor is fan favorite Natus Vincere who defeated 4 Anchors + SC in the winner’s round. 4 ASC dropped down to the loser’s round where they fought against Vega Squadron who had managed to beat Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-1. 4 ASC too fell to Vega Squadron unfortunately 2-0. Vega Squadron’s fairy tale dream was in full swing as they came up against Na’Vi; taking the first match after a hard battle. Unfortunately Na’Vi took the last 3 rounds to secure a 3-1 victory. Vega Squadron will at least have one more chance to secure a wildcard spot in the TI5 when they fight with MVP Phoenix, CDEC Gaming and North American Rejects later this year.

The matches were incredibly heated, I have been particularly watching the European qualifiers and I’m super surprised on the outcome for Alliance and I’m also extremely surprised how gutsy Yellow Submarine was! Here’s hoping those guys get picked up or keep going because it’s a beautiful day when you can catch Dendi off guard in the pre-creep wave with a Pudge!

Overall, the qualifiers for each region has been an insane day with high tension, high risks and high rewards. The victors have made it through into TI5 and the runner ups will now fight for those last two places in the tournament. Congratulations to EHOME, compLexity Gaming, MVP HOT6ix and Natus Vincere!

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