Bethesda announced during their E3 2015 presentation more information on its newest IP called Battlecry. Set in a universe where a temporary peace treaty during the 20th century, three countries grew into a golden age, creating new technology and expanding quickly. War is now a “thing of the past,” and conflicts are solved by sending in specialized soldiers in teams to kill, capture, and command their way to victory.

Battlecry definitely look inspired by Team Fortress 2, especially with the emphasis on team colors (just replace blue with green and yellow). Battlecry’s selling point is the combination of melee classes and ranged classes, creating more diverse classes and combat scenarios.

While the original beta was limited to only Australia and New Zealand, Bethesda has announced that they will soon begin a global beta. To sign up, simply go onto their website by clicking here and clicking the “beta signup” button at the top-right. Did you get to try the beta yet? Let us know how Battlecry was in the comments!

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