Bethesda’s E3 plans have been announced today and they’re nothing short of impressive. As expect, Bethesda have brought their biggest franchises in DOOM and newly-announced Fallout 4, along with Battlecry, Bethesda’s team-based FPS and first foray into the world of free-to-play. Sadly, there’s no hint of an Elder Scrolls VI, but with Elder Scrolls Online releasing in just 4 days time this is unsurprising.

For the first time, Bethesda is opening up their booth on the show floor to everyone, no appointments necessary. There’s a whole host of developer interviews and opportunities to become more informed on their chosen games.

Below is a list of Bethesda’s full stage schedule (source: Gamezone)

Tuesday, June 16th

DOOM at 1pm – Executive Producer, Marty Stratton and Art Director, Hugo Martin from id Software present a look into the newest installment of DOOM.

Fallout 4 at 2:30pm – Game Director Todd Howard (Bethesda Game Studios) leads an exclusive interview on the newly-announced game.

Wednesday, June 17th

DOOM at 11am – Bethesda host group interview with id staff Marty Stratton (Executive Producer), Hugo Martin (Art Director), Garrett Young (General Manager) and Robert Duffy (Chief Technology Officer).

Fallout 4 at 1pm – Panel with Bethesda Game Studios’ Todd Howard (Game Director), Emil Pagliarulo (Lead Designer), Istvan Pely (Lead Artist) and Jeff Gardiner (Lead Producer).

Battlecry at 4pm – Battlecry Studios’ Lucas Davis (Design Director) and Rich Vogel (Executive Producer) present an insider’s view into Battlecry.

Thursday, June 18th

DOOM at 11am – Interview with Stratton surrounding the games’ prospective community and how players will be encourage to become actively involved.

Bethesda Softworks at 1pm – Vice President of PR and Marketing Pete Hines recaps Bethesda’s E3 presentations and presents the future of the publisher

Battlecry at 3pm – In-depth view of maps and character classes with Victor Antonov (Visual Design Director at ZeniMax), Lucas Davis and Rich Vogel.

From the looks of it, Bethesda has massively ramped up presence at E3 and looks to stand out from other devs at the most important games event of the year by presenting tonnes of content for their next massive titles.

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