Activision’s multiplayer FPS franchise is back, and it’s bringing with it two new Specialists for you to become in multiplayer.

Each Specialist in Black Ops 3 comes with its own unique weapon and power – but bear in mind that you enter a match wielding one of the Specialist’s options, not both.


Prophet is the first Specialist, with a background in British Engineering Corps, and he has the Tempest – lightning in a gun, which can travel to nearby enemies. If you have to clear a room quick, keep an area clear, or just have a side of Thor within you, his weapon is the one for you.


His power involves the ability to transport to where he was a few seconds ago, hence the name Glitch. (Think Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope, when you get it right, it’s great, if you get it wrong, well, you’ll look like a ‘n00b’.) Joking aside, pull Glitch off correctly, and you can relocate behind a pursuing enemy to take them out.


The second new Specialist, Nomad, has a more tragic backstory. He specializes in jungle warfare, being the last member of an elite rapid response team. His weapon, the HIVE, sends out more than just a sting, trapping your enemies in a pod full of nano drones.

Nomad’s power is called Rejack, which allows him to give himself a health boost when near death; restoring your health to full, giving you the chance to finish off your opponent or wait for back up.

Now for the ultimate question: which will it be?

Tempest or HIVE? Rejack or Glitch?

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