Thanks to a tweet by Blizzard, it seems Hearthstone will have a fourth button added to its menu.

Even before the game’s official release, there has long been speculation about this elusive fourth button. Under the buttons for “Play”, “Solo Adventures”, and “The Arena” there has always been space for a fourth button.

Aside from unveiling that this fourth button exists, Blizzard has not provided any additional details. This has lead to rampant speculation over the nature of this button. It is worth noting that the other buttons all lead to various modes of play, suggesting the fourth button will feature a new game mode.

One prevailing theory suggests the button will lead to a custom game mode, which would allow players to modify the rules and restriction to their liking.

Fourth Button

Despite leaks from Activision that Blizzard has been trialing a 2v2 gameplay mode, the German Hearthstone page has since clarified there are no plans for co-op play.

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