Square Enix has officially announced a brand new Hitman title coming in December. This should be considered E3 news but unfortunately Square Enix was a tad overzealous. The game showed up about a week ago to pre-order. This is only a small buff up as it seems the video game developers have gotten extremely ambitious with the title.

The game will be a PS4 exclusive and will be released as a digital-first title. Hitman will of course be featuring Agent 47 as he once again goes about killing people we know a tad too little about. Where the game gets interesting is that with the December 8th release players will find only 6 contracts available, which may seem small and overly saturated, but that’s where the ambition of Square Enix comes in.

They will be releaseing parts of the story periodically all the way until 2016. So there’s that Free DLC idea that gamers just love so much.

This may just be a frantic move by Square Enix to get the game out before Christmas but who exactly is complaining.

Welcome back Agent 47. And have a happy, happy 2015.

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