It appears that Bethesda have inadvertently revealed Dishonored 2 ahead of their press conference at E3 tomorrow.

YouTuber Matty “MrMattyPlays” Schroeder first picked this reveal up. On Twitter, Matty stated that Bethesda accidentally went live on Twitch and were caught discussing their conference, where they seemingly discussed Dishonored 2. The open mic broadcast is also said to have picked up “Arkane” and “Harvey,” which all but suggest Dishonored 2 is a thing.

Further evidence (as put forward by Matty) is that the Twitch Video on Demand that was uploaded after Bethesda cut the broadcast was deleted, and a screenshot of Bethesda’s Twitch chat shows Bethesda making a mistake, featuring only the word “Derp.”

This shouldn’t be totally taken as fact, as there is the possibility that this was a genuine mistake and the participants were simply rehearsing; “We are honoured to be here” is a common opening to press conferences, so it may have simply been an audio leak steeped in rumour, nothing more.

However, a later tweet from Bethesda’s own @Bethblog suggests it was less mistake and more publicity stunt, as they term the “Twitch test” a “success” whilst also directing viewers to tune in again tonight for “more surprises.”

It’s difficult to see where this whole thing lies. On the one hand, there is the possibility that this was a genuine mistake, that they simply wanted to test the stream and accidentally DID reveal Dishonored 2 and that the test ‘idea’ is a cover up acting as damage limitation, or if the whole “Twitch Test” scheme was simply a stunt to generate more hype surrounding Bethesda’s conference tomorrow.

Either way, the only real information we can gather from this entire story is that there will be a presentation headed by Harvey Smith at the conference, who was co-director of the first Dishonored game. We’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see what turns up!




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