The announcement of a multiplayer mode in a FPS is sort of like a waiter asking if you want bread in your grilled cheese sandwich. Nevertheless, during Sunday’s E3 2015 Bethesda Conference, Doom 4 is revealed to have a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode will interact with both pre-made maps and user-created modes and maps, with the vanilla multiplayer having a variety of game modes to try out.

While no word on the Doom 4 beta was revealed, a beta that was extended for those that had purchased Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Doom 4 multiplayer is going to be team-based arena combat that keeps the fast-paced FPS action that Doom has been creating since 1993. With modes like team death match, capture the flag, and freeze tag, Doom 4 will certainly scratch that multiplayer FPS itch.

Are you excited for a revisit to hell with your friends? What’s one multiplayer feature you’re excited to see? Sound off in the comments!

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