World of Warcraft, the immensely popular MMO launched by Blizzard in 2004, has seen many graphical improvements over the course of its decade-long existence. However, little has ever been shown of the game’s earliest days, before its release to the public.

Recruitment marketing manager Dave Wilson changed that fact on June 7 when he released several early screenshots of the game, including one image of the title from the late 1990s.

You can view the screenshots on Wilson’s Twitter account to get a sense of WoW’s early history. Below is an example of a particularly early screenshot of the game.

WoW old

Since these early days, World of Warcraft has received five major expansions and undergone many significant graphical and gameplay changes.

For comparison purposes, a modern screenshot of the MMO as it stands today is included below. How times have changed…

WoW modern

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