Early today I posted about some of the rumors surrounding this classic Final Fantasy game. E3 is going on as I type this, and the news for this game is the best we could have gotten.

Square Enix has announced that an HD remake of Final Fantasy 7 is in development. During their press conference, the company confirmed that it would be coming first to PlayStation 4. Other systems were not mentioned.

Fans have wanted this remake since 2005 when they released a tech demo that was Final Fantasy 7 themed for the PlayStation 3. This was ten years ago. Last year at PlayStation Experience, they said that the game would only come in it’s dated form. They obviously have changed their minds since then.

I am SO very excited for this news. Final Fantasy 7 is most definitely up there on the list of my favorite Final Fantasy games, and I’m certainly not the only one. There was nothing about when it is coming out, but in my opinion, take your time Square Enix. I’d rather have a perfect remake than a rushed one! I still can’t wait.

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