Intoduced in Fire Emblem Awakening, to deepen character interaction with each other; a common feature in the modern franchise, Fire Emblem Fates will also have the marriage and children system.

This entails that once a set of characters have developed an S-rank bond with each other, they gain the ability to marry and have children who eventually join the party and become pawns in your army. It’s a very vicious cycle to be sure.

Confirmed to be a returning feature in a recently released Japanese video game magazine; in which two characters from the ‘white kingdom’ get together and have a child that blends features from both parents.


The system has garnered a lot of addicted nuances and is generally accepted especially in Awakening, but I know of some friends who hate this system due to the extreme expansiveness that is presented. Personally I’m very excited it’s back and I’m looking forward to shacking up couples and forcing their kids to fight for my cause (in game of course).


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