Super Smash Bros Wii U recently had a tournament over in Australia, giving fans a chance to watch them as they battled at Battle Arena Melbourne 7. Players from all over Australia entered the tournament, and the total amount of entrants was 128. This makes this Australia’s largest tournament for Smash Bros Wii U.

Smash players Atyeo and Villyness battled it out in the Grand Finals to find out who would be the top player. Villyness had dropped a set earlier to Atyeo, but with a tactical character change and the right presence of mind she managed to turn it around for her and pull out the win. This makes her the first female player to win a Smash 4 major. If the information on the Smash Wiki is correct, she is the only female Smasher to win a national tournament in any Smash game.

In an interview with, she talks about the game and how she won. When talking about her goals, all she said was that she “came into the tournament with one goal in mind: get to top 8. When that happened, I knew that no matter what happened after, I would be satisfied.” That’s sweet, especially knowing that she won the whole thing.  She also mentioned for her fans, that she is happy for the hype, but she is “still a player that’s trying to learn” but she is “grateful for the attention.” You can read the full interview over at

I’m extremely excited for Villyness. I’m surprised it took this long for a woman to be the winner, honestly. As a female gamer myself, and someone who listens to the negative comments we get all the time this is a step to telling all of those people wrong. I’m also happy to see she mains Villager, one of the only characters I can play in Smash. This is wonderful news for her as well, and while she said she doesn’t want a lot of hype: I’m still proud of you Villyness.

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