The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition announced at Microsoft’s E3 press conference just had an amazingly successful first beta test. As one of the most successful shooters on the Xbox 360 and a very unique and defined third person shooter in general, the return of the Gears of War franchise has generated more than enough interest in past fans, still waiting in the lull that is current gen gaming.

The Coalition, Microsoft’s new subsection of developers handling their acquisition of the franchise from Epic Games, will be handling new Gears of War 4, as well as the Ultimate Edition. They released official statistics in an info-graphic to the public that showed some of the stats of the beta, ranging from actual game time to the tallies of some of the most iconic kills in the series. In the 8 day period almost 1.1 million games were played racking up over 120 years of Gears of War game time, by 786,415 unique users world wide. The entire info-graphic seen be seen below.

Gears of War Infographic

The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will be available on August 25th this year for the Xbox One and PC, completely remastered for the current generation with features such as 60fps, updated control schemes, and dedicated multiplayer servers.