Arkham Knight has had some serious problems on the PC and because of this online retailer Green Man Gaming will be offering customers a refund on the game, but only if the planned patch does not fix these issues.  They have posted on their official blog about the best ways to make the game work as it is, as well as highlighting the work that Warner Bros. are doing to fix the game.


Green Man Gaming also stated on their blog that: “We want you to enjoy your game, but if after the fix has been released, you still cannot play your game, we will process refund requests for the game”.  It is also possible for Steam users to get a refund, but they must submit a request within 30 days of purchasing the game.


While many games have issues on release, Arkham Knight’s launch is deplorable.  Iron Galaxy Studios were responsible for the games port to PC and they clearly have not learned from the similarly poor launch of Arkham Origins on the PC.

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