Today marks the first day the the annual Summer Steam Sale. With it comes the long awaited sales and discounts on a plethora of games. However, one title is conspicuously absent from the festivities: GTA 5.

While the game was initially listed as 50% off, It seems that was a mistake on Steam’s part. The 50% off was quickly removed from the Steam store. It wasn’t just the discount that was revoked, the standalone game was completely removed from the store. The only way to acquire GTA 5 was in bundles, effectively allowing Rockstar to participate in the Summer Sale, only to not actually have to discount GTA 5.

The game has since returned to the store, albeit at a 30% discount.

Backlash has quickly mounted against Valve/Steam/Rockstar for this fiasco. As one Redditor put it: “I don’t see anyway you can spin this into anything other than a scumbag cash-grab by a company that already has the best selling game of all time.” Anyway you slice it, some shady business is going here.

GTA 5 Scam

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