Techland has recently clarified that Hellraid has not been cancelled, something many fans feared after the studio announced they were going to put the game on hold and focus on developing more Dying Light content.

“Right now we want to concentrate on Dying Light,” CEO Pawell Marchewka told Eurogamer. “We wanted to be fair with the fans so we wanted to send a clear message, especially as a lot of the people were expecting new things coming from Hellraid at E3 and Gamescom. We decided to take the pressure away. …. But putting on hold means we want some of the resources to concentrate on Dying Light, and once they do what needs to be done we will come back to Hellraid.”

“It’s definitely not dead. It’s just we want to make sure the needs from our Dying Light players are satisfied as quickly as possible and we needed some resources for that.”

Marchewka wants to assure fans that once the studios feels like they’ve delivered 100% on Dying Light, development will start up again on Hellraid. While he couldn’t confirm when this would happen, he predicts they’ll reach this point later in the year and may even be able to provide a release date for the game at that point.

It will be tough for the studio however, as Marchewka said it’s “back to the drawing board,” so don’t expect the game any time soon.

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