With new games come new responsibilities, and Blizzard is all over that with the gamer glasses that have been specifically designed to suit their new game, Heroes of the Storm.

The glasses are catered to the gaming world in that they are made to reduce glare and eye fatigue from gaming sessions that tend to last awhile. They know us so well! The glasses are also made to be durable, comfortable, and light-weight, which make the glasses perfect for hanging with your other gaming gear. On top of all of this though, the glasses have one feature that by far exceeds my expectations; they have sleeves that can be changed out to match characters from within Heroes of the Storm. Pick your favorite character and get their sleeve to show your support. Crazy! Here are my two favorites: (click each individually for zoom!)

temple sleeves for glasses-kerrigan temple sleeves for glasses-tyrael


But of course, you can get your own that match your favorite characters! All styles are available here, and they all have amazing artwork!

Be ready to spend a little in order to get the set, though.  There are two styles for the glasses themselves: Siege and Strike. Both of these have their own little specialties, and they both cost $80 a piece. Then, if you decide to purchase one of the cool character sleeves (like the Kerrigan and Tyrael ones above), you pay $15 for each of those. Is that too much for a pair of gamer glasses, all things considered? And if your gaming is that intense, maybe the price is well worth it to protect your eyes while you game…

What do you think of these new glasses and their prices?? Do you think they are worth it??


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