Guerrilla Games shed light on the newest project from the studio and it’s named Horizon: Zero Dawn.

A trailer shown during Sony’s E3 press conference began with cave paintings with a voice over discussing past and future civilizations. The setting appears to be a mix of ancient civilization with futuristic technology.

A female protagonist appears to be a hunter, using spears and a crossbow. She fights off a gigantic-robotic creature throughout the gameplay trailer, shooting arrows into a weak spot on the creature.

Exploration, stealth, and combat all seem to be large parts of the gameplay. She also uses stealth tactics by moving through fields of grass while using electric arrows against the robotic T-rex as seen in the video above.

No release date was given for the newest game from the studio, who is best known for developing the Killzone franchise. Are you down for the new game from Guerrilla? Let us know and check out the rest of our PlayStation E3 coverage!

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