A countdown website has appeared by the name of Kojima Lives with a countdown of approximately 72 days as of today. The site, ingsoc.org, has been around for at least a month but hasn’t gained much of following due to speculation of being ust another fan site.

Clicking on the infamous Kojima logo takes you to the Kojima Lives Twitter page which now stands at 536 followers. A few theories have been tossed around but without much proof. Some fans have speculated that the countdown’s lengthy timer will coincide with the completion of a petition to keep making Silent Hills, the petition being hosted on Change.org.

Another theory is that of GameNosh writer John Batal that tells us the ingsoc of the url references a totalitarian system of government in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, further backed up by the “1984 is coming” message on the site. Batal points out that this “may be related in some way to Metal Gear Solid’s own Orwellian secret society,The Patriots.’”

The countdown is barely visible unless highlighted.

The countdown is barely visible unless highlighted.

Apart from that, the timer does not coincide with any release dates that we know of. The George Orwell reference is unfortunately the only thing that could lead to something and any fan with a GCSE education could have thought of it. I’m inclined to believe this is a fan site and nothing more, but we’ll see what waits at the end of the timer.

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