Kerbal Space Program was officially released in April after spending almost 25 months in early access on Steam; developed and published by indie team Squad, the game was well received during early access which has carried over into the games official release.

To celebrate the launch of the game a potential collectors edition for the game may be coming this November. Gamers Edition is behind this edition of the game and are in collaboration with Squad to produce a collectors edition worthy to go into space.

Gamers Edition work on creating collectors editions and special items for certain indie games such as Hotline Miami collectors edition and Papers, Please poster; now if enough collectors editions are preordered, Kerbal Space Program will be added to their list also.

The physical collectors edition for Kerbal Space Program includes four hand-painted figurines: Bill, Bob and Jebediah Kerman plus a kerbalnaut that you can name. They come in a special presentation box with a diorama backdrop to pose them in front of like heroes even if they didn’t quite make it in your game.

A cloth patch, that you can stitch onto your space suit or whatever you prefer, which proudly bears the motto of Space Kerbal Program: We’ll Get There Eventually. In Latin of course.

If you’ve been wanting something a bit more special to spruce up your desk as you work towards getting off the planet then the collectors edition has another special item in it just for you; A mobile. It fits together easily and attaches to the desk, screen or glass via a suction cup so you have less of a chance of knocking it over and breaking it.

Last and expected, a copy of the game is also included. The game copy will be provided as a Steam key and is no doubt giftable for those fans who already have the game on Steam but love their collectors items.

The collectors editions costs $85 which is around £55.45 without the cost of shipping, production will only begin if enough orders for the collectors edition are made. Like every Gamers Edition each one will be numbered and packed into a presentation box, this is a one off production and will not be repeated so fans had best be quick if they want one.

Be sure to order your copy here!

Have you played Kerbal Space Program? Do you think it’s worth having a collectors edition for this game? Let us know!

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