Riot is constantly spicing up League of Legends, whether it be updating their maps or giving you the option to turn down eye candy. Now, they’re changing how the HUD looks.

It looks a lot more simple, with your team mates on the right side, above the map, instead of in the top left. Items are also on the right, with attributes such as damage, attack speed and movement speed staying on the left. In some opinions, it looks like a flash game, playable in a browser.

We’re creating a more streamlined UI that doesn’t obscure the play space and reorganizes the information based on how players actually use it. This update’s an evolution of the existing UI and is designed to better support the way you play League by improving gameplay clarity through its better layout, improved readability, and added features.



The scoreboard looks really sweet, though. It’s clear and very clean. It’ll be a hard adjustment to get used to the new look, just as it is with many of Riot’s changes to the game. But players should be able to get used to it relatively fast.

Do you think the change is necessary to the game? Obviously it won’t affect gameplay at all, but it’s still something that may distract players who aren’t used to it (this girl was too distracted by the new summoner’s rift map when it first game out and accidentally stole blue 2 minutes in).

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