A player on the League of Legends board recently asked if Ryze’s snare could be less OP. His snare roots you, rendering you incapable of using any abilities at all and pretty much die shortly afterwards.

He’s capable of completely ruining you in lane early-game, and dominates later on if built properly. Meddler, from Riot, commented on the forum post with this:

We’re working on some Ryze changes at the moment, aimed particularly at reducing his ability to chain root. Odds are that’ll involve adjustments to CDs and damage numbers on his passive and basic spells, though we’re still talking through the exact details.

In the video above, we see Huni completely overkilling the enemy Maokai. You can see how low of a cooldown Ryze has on his bind, and it’s ridiculous. Once you’re binded, you’re pretty much dead.

We aren’t entirely sure when the nerf will happen, but chances are it will only be after Summer Split.


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