Total War: Warhammer is the latest installment to Creative Assembly’s hit Total War RTS franchise. We have unfortunately had a lack of information surrounding the newest title barring the initial reveal back in April.

Today, new screenshots emerged from a variety of outlets which serve to depict how battle will be carried out. They show the fierceness of the Empire against the hideous band of Ogres, Giants, Orcs and Goblins. You can find all six of them below:

Total War: Warhammer - lowly soldiers face a giant

Safe to say it’s not exactly looking good for that halberdier in the clutches of this Giant, even with him shaking his fist. “Unhand me you brute!” doesn’t exactly work when said brute doesn’t understand dressing for battle. More worryingly, they seem to be avoiding the very obvious flanking occurring on the left…

Total War: Warhammer - Swordsmen! Attack! Trolls are nothing against steel!

Swordsmen leap towards a Troll eve with the potential for tough hides and regenerating health. However, there’s always the hope these dolts will be too stupid to act and swallow their own drool instead.

Total War: Warhammer - Franz' Griffon leads a demigryph spear charge into battle

Emperor of men Karl Franz rides his griffon into battle alongside spearmen riding Demigryphs. Guess you only gain your wings when you graduate griffon school?

Total War: Warhammer - Fewer soldiers, twice as screwed. Small group of halberdiers faces the giant/troll combo.

You know those halberdiers we saw earlier? Turns out they got the easy job. This squadron face a Troll/Giant combo – Strength and stupidity in spades. Wouldn’t want to be them. Oh, and that green spray in the background is another troll vomiting bile on Empire soldiers. Nice.

Total War: Warhammer - First look at air combat - Franz' Griffon vs a Warboss wyvern

This one is interesting. This showcases the first appearance of mid-air combat in a Total War game because flight is a very recent invention. Franz and his fancy griffon again, facing a Warboss riding a wyvern. The battlefield sure looks dominated by the Orc army from up there, eh Franz?

Total War: Warhammer - No more flat lands for battle here. Taking queues from the source material we're gonna see some amazing structures such as this towering monstrosity, Blackfire Pass.

Another shot revealing more than just character models. This showcases that Total War: Warhammer will take place in more structured and varied environments. This is Blackfire Pass, a twisted volcanic region home to swathes of Goblin and giant troops. Say goodbye to the flatlands of previous games!

So there we go – Although there’s only six screens, these show some key details of what Total War: Warhammer is shaping up to become. Mid air combat and varied scenery are just two of the many new features we are sure to encounter when the full title releases.

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