Fans of the original platformer, Limbo will all know the people at PlayDead. Limbo was one of the most well received indie games on the xbox 360 for its gripping stylistic choices and oddly, extremely compelling sense of progression for a side-scroller game. Fans were super excited at last year’s E3 when Inside was announced and shown off as PlayDead’s newest game.

Inside seemed to take everything that made Limbo successful and took it to the next level in the video shown. Instead of the simple and flat two dimensional feeling that Limbo gave, Inside, although still a side-scroller, seemed to give a depth to the world that furthered the narrative, and built upon the ominous and vulnerable feelings created by Limbo. It was even more exciting when it was announced that Inside would be coming in early 2015, exclusively to Xbox One.

Half a year later, PlayDead has announced officially that Inside is, in fact, still in development, but that they would need more time. In an interview with IGN, PlayDead says “We are so close, but getting it right has taken a little more time than we anticipated.”

PlayDead hasn’t given any details on Inside’s release date or the current state of the game beyond that, but we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer before it arrives.

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