Omega Force Studio’s newest game Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below, a true mouthful to say the least, will be touching down in North America on the PS4 on October 13. On release it will be have a standard edition, Day One edition, and a collector’s edition. While both the Day One and the collector’s edition come with some great extras, the collector’s edition comes with a lot of real world swag!

The collector’s edition and the Day One edition will feature a lot of slime-centric goodies that are all based around everyone’s favorite Dragon Quest enemy, the Slime. If you simply order the Day One edition of the game it comes with a set of in-game weapons all based off slimes which include the Slime Sword, Slime On a Stick, Goopid’s Bow, Gooey Gloves, Splat O’ Nine Tales, and more! Ordering the collector’s edition will throw in the added bonus of some real world stuff to show off to all your friends who; I can assure you, will be extremely jealous of your cool slime gear. With the collector’s edition comes a slime plushie, slime keychain, and a slime lanyard along with a copy of the Day One edition to the game and all of it will be sent to you in a treasure chest, probably covered in slime!


To get all this simply stupendous slimy stuff you’ll have to shill out an extra $40 on top of the cost of the game itself which will bring your total up to $100. The collector’s edition of the game will only be available in the Square Enix online store but the Day One edition will be available in stores.

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