Getting a bigger glimpse at Star Wars: Battlefront has already been promised for E3, but every single detail about the new release is being devoured as we anticipate the show of gameplay. The latest is that there will be customization opportunities, which is different than the other games for sure. The tweet that has everyone talking is this one: “Yes, we will offer customization. That said, we won’t be letting players create purple Stormtroopers or change Darth Vader’s suit color etc,” which is a direct quote from the official EA Star Wars twitter page. If you are wondering what all will be customizable, you aren’t the only one.

An earlier tweet from the same EA Star Wars twitter page stated “We will allow customization, such as selecting various character heads, loadouts, emotes etc.” With that, we can imagine the extent to which items will be customizable, at least until more is confirmed at E3.

The desire for authenticity was explicitly stated various times, and to prove their point, this is part of the graphics information on the website (which you can read in full here):

To achieve this – to really add an extra layer of connectivity to the planets – a lot of work has also been done on the so-called weathering of the materials. Say you’re battling amongst the lava fields of Sullust. The armor will be affected by ash and soot as you’re playing. When you’re on Hoth, the snow and frost will build up over time. Weathering is also contextual, so if you’ve stepped in mud on Endor and then walk in the water, the mud will wash away.

With that level of dedication to detail and authenticity in mind, it is fair to say that though the customization for Star Wars: Battlefront may not be over the top, it will certain add a new level of immersion for the much-anticipated game.

As DICE’s technical art director, Ken Brown, put it: “We want you to feel like you’re in the actual Star Wars universe, not just someone’s re-imagining of it.” With that in mind, it seems there is much to look forward to for the E3 details and for the official release on November 17th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Watch the trailer for the millionth time here!

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