Nintendo opened their E3 Digital Event with a bang as they announced StarFox Zero. The trailer showed off some great gameplay that Nintendo fans can’t wait to get their hands on.

In an interview with IGN previous to the event, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about a chance of online multiplayer. In a slightly disappointing response, the Nintendo legend stated that they were highly focused on a strong single-player experience. Not having seen a console Star Fox since the Gamecube’s StarFox Assault, it’s hard to complain about Nintendo wanting to focus on making something better.

With a little hope at the end of the question Miyamoto continued saying, “”Of course, as we continue on and once people get a feeling for the game… as the process continues if we find that we do think it’d be really good we’ll definitely consider it, but right now we’re not.” Now at least we know if it is meant to be, then it is meant to be.

StarFox Zero will be released this Holiday for the Wii U.

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