After the release of patch 1.05/1.04 of The Witcher 3 for PC and PlayStation 4 respectively earlier this week, which Gamespresso previously covered, reports started flooding in about the infinite money trick, which focuses on cow hides, not longer being all that usable. It all started when fans noticed something strange about the list of notes for the new patch, which included:

“Deploys the Bovine Defense Force Initiative.”

Not many people knew exactly what this meant. Cow level from Diablo, anybody? Now however, we’ve gotten video confirmation of what the Bovine Defense Force Initiative actually is; a giant cow defense monster, which you can see below. But first, a little backstory on what actually prompted the need for a Bovine Defense Force Initiative in The Witcher 3.

Anytime a game like The Witcher 3 arrives it’s only a matter of time before gamers find exploits to make the game easier. Usually it’s a glitch that allows them to make infinite money and that is exactly what one player found in The Witcher 3. Discovering that if you slay a few cows, scoop up the hides, then meditate to respawn the herd you have a literal cash cow. It doesn’t offer a huge amount of money but for low-level players it’s a great way to earn money quickly.

CD Projekt Red, who developed the game, caught onto the scheme soon after it was discovered and created a unique way to stop players from taking advantage of it. In the latest patch for The Witcher 3 CD Projekt Red introduced something they called in the patch notes a Bovine Defense Force Initiative. It turns out the Bovine Defense Force is actually a giant cow defense monster that can easily wipe out players who go on a cow killing spree.

While it doesn’t seem like this monster may be much of a challenge for high level players, it certainly would ruin trying to make a quick buck when it comes to the infinite money cow trick.

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