Toy Soldiers: War Chest brings Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe armies to the table this summer. Ubisoft has announced that He-Man and field commander Duke will be joining the war effort in a bid for small scale supremacy.

Toy Soldiers: War Chest is a blend of tower defence and action that takes place in a table top landscape where armies contend for control of the toy box. Returning veteran Kaiser fights with his disciplined WWI-era German force; Starbright leads an army of teddy-bears, ponies and pixies, the Dark Lord commands a faction of monsters and dragons and Phantom directs her highly skilled Ghost Company, all in an attempt to secure victory over others. As well as the four unlicensed armies, the Hall of Fame edition introduces four new armies to the fray. He-Man brings his immense strength and courage to the battlefield, along with Battle Cat and his Eternian Warriors, prepared to defend Eternia from all threats. Similarly, the Joes bring the legendary Duke, good ol’ fighting spirit and a huge arsenal of weaponry to the frontlines to halt all evildoers in their tracks.

Two further licensed armies, as yet unannounced, will be present at launch in the Hall of Fame edition and separately as DLC for the standard edition of the game. Safest money’s on Skeletor and Cobra Commander joining the battle, lighting up the lives of man-children worldwide. You read it here first.

The Hall of Fame edition, along with Duke and He-Man, will be released this summer on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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